Sunday, January 22, 2012

Student Participation

January 16 to January 20, 2012

Today (Monday), my Biology students were asked to watch the video review and to take the associated online quiz by Friday.  I gave them the option of using class time to complete the assignment or watching it on their own outside of class.   Out of 128 students, 72 completed the assignment (56%) and 56 did not (44%).  This is exactly what I was afraid of if I made the video homework, but I’m puzzled why they didn’t watch the video when given class time to do so.  I will investigate this further.
The reason I made the quiz was to determine if the students were able to learn the important information that was presented in the video lecture and to determine who watched the video.  There were 12 questions; eight multiple choice, three fill in the blank and one short answer.  Use of the video lecture while taking the quiz was permitted.  Very few students took advantage of this tool and did quite poorly on the quiz.  When I averaged the scores of all my students that took the quiz, it was only a 61.5% which is unacceptable.  For those of you interested in more details my classes are tracked with my Practical Biology classes averaging a 50% while my General Biology classes averaged a 73%.
I am hoping that the scores were low because this was their first time using a video review and taking this type of online quiz.  In order to provide my students with more practice on how to learn content from a video I will reemphasize to them that they CAN use the video to help them on their quiz.  The quiz has been reassigned to students that would like to improve their score, and for students that received a zero for not completing the assignment by its due date. I hope to see better results this time!

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