Sunday, February 5, 2012

Video Training and List of Tips

Monday January 30, 2012
I gave my students the following tips as I modeled how to watch a video lecture while taking notes:

·       Write down the topic or objective of the lecture. 
·       Pause the video when I advance a whiteboard. Each whiteboard contains a new idea or      piece of content, so it’s an important time to check your notes.
o   Do you have any notes written down from the section?  If not, you will need to rewind that portion of the video and listen again.
·       Take a short break during transitions if needed.  Get up and walk across the room.  You don’t have to sit and watch the entire video without a break.
·        Look at the pictures that are drawn on each board and put them in your notes if you think it will help you remember what was being discussed. 
·       Write down any questions you have as they pop into your mind.  If you wait until the end of the video you may forget what your questions were.
·       Try all practice problems.   If you are confused about a problem, rewind the video and re-watch the demonstration.
·       Do what works for you!  These are just suggestions that may help some students get used to the idea of taking notes from a video lecture.  If you already have a system that works for you then keep using it.
As practice, students took notes while I played video segments for the class.  After each section I paused the video and allowed students to compare their notes with a partner.  As a class we discussed the important points that should have been written down.  After the modeling and whole class demonstration students mentioned that they felt more comfortable with their note taking skills. 
Next, I had students watch an “Introduction to Genetics” video while they filled out their modified Cornell notes worksheet.  Students did a great job of utilizing the new skills they had acquired!

What tips have you given to your students about taking notes from a video lecture?

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